Buy the Best Cat Treats

With so many cats as pets today, you'll find so many brands of cat treats it will make your head spin. Whether you are looking for treats for your own cat, family or friend's cat or even the stray cat that keeps showing up on your front porch. All cats love treats and it should be important to give your companion the best foods as you would for yourself.

Top store brands of cat treats.

1.Tuna Flakes- Bonita Tuna Flakes, also going by the name kitty caviar has been nick named kitty crack and for good reason.
People report their cats literally begging for more, will search and sniff about the house for them. They really act like enough just isn't enough.

2. Paw breakers, also known as kitty candy. Is catnip rolled into hard balls that is not only a treat but a toy.

3. Halo liv-a-littles, freeze dried treats made up of beef, chicken, and codfish.

4. Pet Gold Dried Shrimp Cat Treats, a nice change for cats who may not be bizarrely attached to tuna.

5. Kitty Care Hairball Remedy Treat, a healthy treat designed for cats who have a rough time with hairballs.

What to avoid as treats for cats.

Anything with raisins- raisins and grapes can cause kidney failure in animals.

Chocolate- The darker the chocolate the more toxic to animals. Chocolate should never be fed to your pet.

Macadamia nuts - highly toxic, cause vomiting, tremors and overheating.

Artificial sweeteners - Causes kidney failure.

Yeast dough - Causes ruptured intestines and stomach.

What to look for in cat treats.

If you want what's healthiest and not what's tastiest for your cat there's a few things you should look for in cat food. Some treats can be tricky and say they are healthy, but not actually be. The key to finding out is through the ingredients.

Look for food with:

Low calories.
Ingredients that minimize tartar.
Meets AAFCO approval.

Another cat treat tip.

Never believe anything that says cat treats contain ingredients that cats need nutritionally, they don't.
Its always good to recommend if you want your cat the healthiest, to try substituting treats with an occasional bit of canned wet food instead of dry. Or alternate between two types of dry food instead of treats.

All in all it will not actually hurt your cat to give him or her the occasional treat now and then. Do not replace any natural diet with cat treats though, they do not provide the kind of nutrition a cat needs to stay healthy. Treats also can play an important role in training your cats.


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