Buying Ferrets

Have you ever thought of buying a ferret? They make wonderful pets! There are a few basic things to keep in mind as far as how to buy a ferret.

First research your area pet stores and breeders. Try to locate those that have a reputation for selling quality pets. Online forums are a great place for tips on where and how to buy a ferret. Once you have located a few reputable pet shops or breeders visit them and ask questions about the ferrets they have to offer.

Don't settle on buying the first Ferret you see. Spend some time getting to know the different ferrets. Ferrets are very much like people in the fact that they each have their own special personalities. You should choose a ferret that likes you as much as you like it.

Before you buy a ferret ask the seller a few questions. You need to know how old the ferret is. A ferret should be at least six weeks old before being weaned from its mother. It is better to purchase one that is around eight weeks old and eating well independently. Young ferrets are still forming their disposition. if you buy an older one it can be set in its ways.

whether you choose to buy an older ferret or a young one, ask about its vaccination record. Ferrets need to be vaccinated against illnesses such as distemper and rabies. The distemper vaccine will protect your ferret. The rabies vaccine will protect both the ferret and your family. Rabies is a terrible illness that can be transmitted from an animals saliva or blood to humans. It is preventable. Just make certain not to come in contact with an animal that has not received its rabies vaccination, and be sure to keep your ferrets rabies vaccine up to date.

If you are searching for a fun and playful pet you will adore owning a ferret. Ferrets love to play and are very loyal to their owners. The most important "how to's" of buying a ferret is to just take your time. Don't rush your decision and research the animals habits and antics. Buy from a reputable seller. One that has a reputation for selling healthy animals. Learn the basics of caring for a pet ferret and make sure you have a cage, toys , and the proper foods for your new pet. Last but not least, enjoy your new found friend!


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