Care for a Bernese Mountain Dog

The Burmese Mountain dog is a large dog. It is one of the four breeds of Sennenhund. They are very loving dogs that make excellent companions. The Burmese Mountain dog has a calm demeanor and gets along with most everyone, including humans and other pets as well.

Although the Burmese Mountain dog is a good natured dog and a devoted companion, potential owners should be aware that they are short lived dogs that are prone to certain health conditions. The average lifespan of a Burmese Mountain dog is seven years although some have lived longer.

The Burmese breed is prone to musculoskeletal diseases such as arthritis and hip dysphasia. Burmese Mountain dogs also have a higher rate of cancer than many other breeds. These dogs may also suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, cataracts and are often prone to allergies. Potential owners should be aware that veterinary expenses can be costly but that holds true for maintaining the health of any pet.

With proper care and attention, medical expenses don’t have to be outlandish. Understanding the needs of your pet and giving him proper care can make a difference in his inner and outer health. Since the Burmese Mountain dog is a large dog, he needs adequate room to stretch out and be comfortable. This is not a dog that should be confined to a small pen or doghouse. If the dog has a dog house it should be adequate in size so that the dog can stand up, turn around and stretch out comfortably. Since Burmese Mountain dogs are prone to musculoskeletal diseases small areas can aggravate an existing condition.

The Burmese Mountain dog needs plenty of exercise but should not be overexerted due to potential health problems. The dog needs activity in his routine and should be taken for regular walks or allowed outside to run and play in a fenced in area depending on your location. The Burmese Mountain dog was not bred for a hot climate although they do adapt and can do well in warmer areas with proper care. Make sure your dog has fresh water available at all times. Burmese Mountain dogs are large dogs that can consume a great deal of water so you want to make sure your dog always has water. Your dog also needs to be cool in hot climates. If he is outdoors, make sure he has shade. If your dog is kept indoors be certain that it is not overly hot inside.

A calm environment is best for the Burmese Mountain dog. They do not tolerate stress well. A Burmese Mountain dog has moderate grooming needs. The coat is somewhat coarse and dense. Regular brushing can keep the coat healthy and in good condition. It is important to spend plenty of time with your Burmese Mountain dog. This breed is very loving and thrives with the proper amount of interaction with their human companions. Feed you Burmese Mountain dog and well-balanced diet of both dry and moist food. Make sure that all of your dog’s vaccines are up to date and take him in for regular veterinary check-ups. With proper care your Burmese Mountain dog can live a full, healthy life.


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