Care for an Australian Cattle Dog

An Australian Cattle Dog is quite hassle-free to care for. Although with this easy to care for breed, there are a few things to remember when it comes to providing a healthy environment for this amazing life long pet. The Australian Cattle dog should be given room to run and exercise, thriving best in large yards. They are not recommended for apartment living as they are a breed that enjoys stimulation and exercise. But with allowing the Australian Cattle Dog to run in open spaces, it is also necessary to keep dangerous and/or poisonous substances out of reach. With supplying a large area for the cattle dog to live it is also important to consider daily exercise, as they have incredible stamina and love mind stimulating activities. Exercise is important to keep their mind stimulated and these busy bodies entertained is a must. With caring for an Australian Cattle Dog, the need for mind stimulation is very important and should be carried out, more than just tossing a ball, the Australian Cattle Dog needs long walks, but do not allow the dog to walk ahead of you. He needs to be beside or behind you to re-enforce the human is alpha.

The Australian Cattle Dog should have a variety of hard toys and activities available on a daily use, this will not only prevent the cattle dog from becoming bored and destructive but will also keep him or her from nipping at your heels, a practice they use to herd cattle. Provide plenty of outdoor activities, walks and runs are a good way to help your pet its daily exercise. One of the best things about the Australian Cattle Dog is grooming, with short hair and water-resistant coat the Australian Cattle Dog needs little care and is easy to groom. Just comb or brush with a firm bristle brush regularly, and bathe only when necessary with a mild soap about once every three to four months. The Australian Cattle Dog tends to shed its coat once or twice a year (Depending on sex status and region). With covering living, grooming, and exercise, another important topic is feeding when it comes to caring for this breed. The Australian Cattle Dog should be given a nutritious diet and avoid table scraps. Choose a dog food that offers meat, poultry, or fish as the first ingredients. The reason other food should be avoided is due to the risk of obesity and intestinal problems.


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