Care for Ragdoll Cats

The ragdoll cat is unique in its personality where as another cats can give one the impression they are solitary individuals dictating when and where they want you to see them, this is usually not the case with a ragdoll cats. The ragdoll cat has an inquisitive personality spending time watching you as well as following you around the house.

Having a ragdoll cat should involve regular scheduled grooming sessions as well as scheduled feedings. Regular checkups by a veterinarian will help you keep your ragdoll in good health plus there will be times when they will need to be vaccinated to protect them from diseases.


For a ragdoll cat freshwater and fresh food is essential to this particular breed of cat. Always having access to a bowl of dry food along with a bowl of clean water will help keep your ragdoll cat well fed. Providing wet food on a regular basis is really up to the owner there is no criteria to indicate that it is absolutely necessary.
Cleaning the water and food bowls on a regular basis will help prevent any possible buildup of bacteria.

Cat Claws:

If one is thinking about declawing a cat please keep in mind that this process is not reversible. The process of regularly trimming a ragdoll cat's claws would be more preferable to prevent damage to furniture and or children. Also keep in mind that the ragdoll cat which has been declawed has little defense against others when outside of the home.

Litter Box:

Surprising as it may sound a ragdoll cat would enjoy some privacy during these times when it is using the litter box. Finding a spot that provides privacy but not so far away that it wouldn't be difficult to retrieve should be the ideal location. The importance of keeping the litter box clean is also paramount to the health of the ragdoll cat. There are a number of automatic litter box cleaning systems on the market today. Making this job safe and efficient.


When it comes to bathing a ragdoll cat in most cases twice a year should be sufficient since ragdoll cats do a very good job of grooming themselves. If their hair becomes particularly dirty then bathing is appropriate.

Cat Caring For Cat's Teeth:

American Veterinary Dental Society recognizes that cat's teeth just like human's teeth can develop plaque buildup, gingivitis as well as other harmful oral periodontal diseases.


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