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So, you've chosen one or more snakes to liven up your home or office and now you have to choose a proper snake cage for showing your pet(s) off to colleagues, friends and family. Most snake cages are more aptly named snake tanks just because of the way most are constructed. Even if your new snake is completely native to the area you live in, protective glass or Plexiglas will form the walls of its new house in your home or office. There are many variables to consider before choosing the snake cage that will be best for your needs.

Perhaps the most important of these variables revolves around not only how large your snake is now, but how big it will be in six or twelve months. Choose a snake cage which will be large enough to house your snake after it has reached maturity. Such a cage may seem cavernous for it now but you definitely don't want to have to go buy another snake cage less than a year from now. If you're unsure as to just how large your snake will be in the not too distant future, ask a reputable dealer.

Your next consideration should be to know the optimal temperature and humidity requirements for the snake you will be housing. Choosing the proper snake cage goes hand-in-hand with your being able to establish and maintain the right temperature and humidity for its environment. Most snake owners opt for what is called "under the tank heating" or UTH. It's always a good idea to keep a digital thermometer probe close by so that you can make sure that there are no "hot spots" on the cage floor which could burn the snake.

Finally, since choosing a snake cage can present choices which range from affordable to downright outrageous, base your choice on where in your home or office the new cage will be situated. If it will be in the living room or a lobby, then perhaps you'd opt for spending a few more bucks on the fancier versions; some come as an actual useable coffee table with the glass enclosed snake cage sitting just beneath the table top. Others have more of a dining room hutch or bookcase design. Most of us more traditional folk, however, wind up choosing a more traditional snake cage which sits atop a stand, table or desktop.

No matter which snake cage you choose for your new pet, please make sure that it will provide the proper living environment for the snake as well as satisfying the decorating or space limitations for your home or office.


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