Choose the Right Dog Kennels

Searching for the right kennel for your four-legged friend can be quite an adventure. It requires research, asking questions and actually visiting the kennels you are considering to make sure they can accommodate your dog in an atmosphere in which you and your pet will be comfortable.

The best way I have found to begin the search for the ideal kennel is to ask friends, co-workers or your veterinarian for recommendations. With trusted friends and acquaintances, you can eliminate many inferior options right off the bat. When seeking recommendations, make a point to ask for kennels to avoid also.

Some people might believe all kennels are the same. This is simply not the case. In this day and age, pets are considered to be important family members and pet owners take pet care every bit as seriously as they do child care. Some things you might look for in a good kennel include the obvious such as: clean quarters for the animals and clean grounds. Other important factors could be easily overlooked. Asking questions and visiting the kennel before dropping off your beloved pet can make all the difference. Does the facility have any special amenities? Is a fenced-in exercise area available? Will the kennel feed your dogs their own food as you instruct? Will your pets receive any attention while staying at the kennel? Do they have a veterinarian in case of emergencies and what will the kennel do in case of an emergency?

It is always a good idea to personally meet with the owner and animal handlers. Trust your instincts and gut reactions. If an employee of the kennel makes you uneasy, don't hesitate to take your business elsewhere. You are going to entrust a valuable member of your family to the care of these people. I believe in the old saying, “Better safe than sorry.” It is always worth the time spent searching for business reviews and Better Business Bureau standings or complaints in regard to specific kennels.

One final factor applies to households with multiple dogs. At my house, we have 2 dogs. They are inseparable. I will not board my dogs in a kennel who plans on separating the dogs. Animals are affected by separation anxiety just like humans. I don't think it is a good idea to add any unnecessary stress by splitting my dogs up. You might take this into consideration also.


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