Come Up With Female Dog Names

Bringing home a new puppy is exciting and fun for any family. They bring laughter, happiness and warmth.

When coming up with a name for your female dog, there are a number of things to consider. Do you want to give her a traditional name. Or how about a funny name? Maybe she should be named after a celebrity? Here are some ways to come up with the perfect name for your female dog.

Probably the biggest mistake new puppy owners make is naming the pooch beforehand or at first sight. How many all black puppies are named Blackie right off the bat? Then there's the all white pup who gets stuck with the name Snowball.

The first way to come up with a name for your female dog is observing the pup for a couple of days and deciding a name based on her character. Maybe she's shy and a name like Daisy would be fitting. Perhaps she's a bit pushy and knows what she wants and should be named Her Majesty.

Another way to name your female dog is to come up with a funny sounding name. How about Snotnose or Shabaz? Just remember it's a name you're stuck with, so be careful not to name it something you will be embarrassed to call out when the dog gets loose at the park.

Maybe she needs a celebrity name. Is she a Paris Hilton or a Taylor Swift? Imagine yourself walking down the street with your female bulldog who is being admired by all you meet, who are then taken aback when you tell them her name is Rosie O'Donnell.

You could go in the total opposite direction. After all a very large breed named Tiny Dancer might be amusing. Or a toy Doberman named Gigantress might get a few belly laughs.

Another way to name your female dog and this is very risky is to let the kids name her, of course, presuming you have small children. They are bound to pick an out-of-this-world name like Hopnitch or Primber. Huh? Oh, yeah, kids can come up with some pretty weird stuff.

The democratic way would be to come up with several names and either vote on the name or choose the name from out of a hat.

If all else fails, you can always jump online and do a search for female dog names. That is if you're prepared to pick from thousands of names.


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