Come Up With Male Dog Names

So, now you have a dog, but what are you going to name him? If you adopt a dog from a shelter or breed rescue, they will most likely already have a name that they respond to, but you are free to come up with male dog names if you do not like the original name. Dogs are not very attached to their names, but the feelings associated with the way you say their names.

Show Names

How do they come up with male dog names for show dogs that you see at Westminster or Crufts? Those are made up at the breeder or owner's whims, although they do have to reflect the breeder's kennel name in there somewhere. However, these are only the registration names. They are not the everyday names used with the dog. Consider how long those names are – a dog would fall asleep before you finished speaking the name.

Short Names

When you are trying to come up with male dog names, you need to think about the everyday name you will use with the dog. It needs to be only one to three syllables long. If it's any longer than that, the dog will not pay any attention to you. Remember that they have short attention spans.

Descriptive Names

When coming up with male dog names, take a good look at your dog. Write down a list of everything that comes to mind about your dog. This could be his personality, his coloration, his way that he resembles another animal or his general character. Perhaps he reminds you of another dog from the movies or that you have met. Perhaps he reminds you of a favorite professional athlete or movie actor. Try out each of these names to see which one can fit.

A Word About Aggressive Names

When coming up with names for male dogs, please stay away from aggressive sounding names like "Killer" or "Cujo". The dog won’t mind the name – but your neighbors will. Part of coming up with a name for your male dog is coming up with a name that won’t scare other people. Not everybody likes dogs and there are people who are tying to pass laws to ban particular breeds – no matter how sweet the dog is. In order to help your dog be an ambassador to people who are scared of dogs, please steer clear of aggressive sounding names.


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