Coming Up with Pet Names

How can you come up with a great new name for your pet? Sometimes the second you see the new addition a name just pops into your head but other times you can be stumped. Here are a few suggestions to open up your mind and allow creativity to get the juices flowing. Thinking outside of the box and asking other people to offer suggestions can help to explore new horizons and unlock new ideas in your brain.

Coming up with a name for your new pet can be fun for the whole family. Make a game out of the task by asking each person to identify a potential new name beginning with the first letter of their own name. Another idea would be to have a brain storming session, each person sharing ideas for names as they pop into their head. Each person can put their best name in a basket and draw the winning name out. Put your pet in the middle of the room so you can observe the pet's personality, cute little oddities and little behaviors. This will help to come up with descriptive words that make great names. For example, a bouncy little terrier might live up to the name Happy Jack while a big white Persian cat might be called Fluffy.

Another way to come up with pet names is to use other countries and languages. A big brown dog that looks like a bear might be a great Oso (bear in Spanish). If your pet is a purebred try names that represent their origin. A bearded dragon from Australia could be called Sydney or an Egyptian Ibizan hound could live up to the name Pharaoh. Continents and places like Egypt, Africa and Asia also make fun and unique names for your pet so get out a map and let your mind travel the world.

Our pets quickly become members of the family and often people come up with more human names for their new additions. Treasured pets are often named after childhood best friends, favorite movie stars, and great aunts. Another popular trend is to come up with the name of a favorite item or designer, such as Gucci or Louis Vuitton. No matter what, make coming up with a name for your new pet fun! You can always give them a nickname that fits them better at a later date if needed.


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