How To Understand Differences between Cat and Kitten Food

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Feeding your cat good food requires a basic knowledge of what nutrients it needs. Though just a pet, the way it should be treated when eating should be the same as humans. It is vital that you know what kind of cat food you need to feed your cat to give it the best nutrition possible. Yes, there are a lot of organic cat foods on the market. However, the best choice for pet food is the one that will give your cat premium health. You may have already encountered kitten food and cat food. They are readily available in the market but cat owners usually are confused about which to feed their pets with.

The kitten food and cat food can be compared to baby food and adult food for humans. You don't give a baby a steak that adult humans enjoy and you don't give adults purees. The same is true with the cat diet. Kitten food is for kittens less than a year old and cat food is given to your pet when it reaches age one.

Cat Food vs. Kitten Food

Kittens and adult cats have different nutritional needs for their diet. It is in these needs that the kitten food and cat food comes in.

Starting with kittens, it is already a given that their growing body needs all the nutrition and right amount of protein. This good organic cat diet will help them develop a healthy body and immune system.

Aside from this fact, kittens have small stomachs and they usually just pick at a few bites in one eating. This is why the kitten food, packed with all the nutrition in each bite, is a must for them.

On the other hand, adult cat food has the right nutritional contents that are needed by adult cats. Since there is a higher level of protein in kitten food, it is not advisable that seniors be given kitten food. Too much protein in foods can give them liver and kidney problems.

So for premium cat care, it is always best to serve them the right food in their diet. Kitten foods are for kittens and cat foods are for adult and senior cats.

Comparing the Nutritional Value

Since it is the minerals and vitamins that are of obvious difference to the two types of pet food, here is a general comparison of their nutritional contents:

1. Crude Protein

  • Cat Food - 30 percent
  • Kitten Food - 34 percent

2. Crude Fat

  • Cat Food - 18 percent
  • Kitten Food - 20 percent

3. Crude Fiber

  • Cat Food - 5 percent
  • Kitten Food - 3 percent

4. Moisture

  • Cat Food - 10 percent
  • Kitten Food - 10 percent

5. Ash

  • Cat Food - 6 percent
  • Kitten Food - 6 percent

6. Magnesium

  • Cat Food - 0.09 percent
  • Kitten Food - 0.10 percent

7. Taurine

  • Cat Food - 0.19 percent
  • Kitten Food - 0.18 percent

8. Linoleic Acid

  • Cat Food - 3.5 percent
  • Kitten Food - 3.5 percent

It is necessary in cat care that your pets be given the right pet food for their best nutrition. It should be noted that cat nutrition depends on their age. Again, kitten foods will not do any good to your adult pet cat and vice versa. So give your pet the right cat food. If it is followed properly, the cat's nutrition will always be at its best.


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