Do Your Own Dog Grooming

Grooming your dog is about much more than simply keeping your dog looking good, it is about hygiene and good health.

Grooming includes more than just brushing the coat, it includes caring for your dog's teeth, toes, and other appendages. Grooming untangles hair, removes loose hair, stimulates oil, provides a weekly change to check for any lumps and bumps and also provides you with a chance to spend some quality time with your dog.The first thing you need to groom your dog is a brush. A bristle brush works well for most hair types. Wire pin brushes are good for medium to long hair. Shedding tools have special teeth to remove excess hair. This brush is needed for dogs with long coats that shed a lot. Dogs should be brushed at least once a week, beginning when they are small puppies to get them used to the routine and brush.

The next tool that is necessary for doing your own dog grooming is nail clippers. There are several types available including claw-style trimmers, guillotine trimmers and scissor-like trimmers. It is also a good idea to have Styptic powder on hand to stop the bleeding in case you cut the nail too short because they tend to bleed quite a lot. A filing tool is also good to have a round to create a smooth rounded nail.

Bathing is also important for your dog and it is much better for them and their coats if you use a shampoo that is designed for use on dogs. If your dog has a healthy coat then a normal shampoo, and possibly a conditioner are best. However if the dog has dry skin or another condition then it is best to use a shampoo designed for that specific condition. However dogs don't need to be bathed that often. Most dogs need to be bathed only once every two months usually. A simple rinsing off usually suffices because too much bathing will dry out their coats and strip them of their natural oils.

Cleaning your dog's ears and brushing their teeth are both also very important. Ears should be cleaned with an ear cleanser and cotton swabs or pads. Some dogs need ear medications. Dogs also need to have their teeth brushed to remove plaque and keep their gums healthy. To brush your dogs teeth use a soft bristled brush and toothpaste designed for dogs.


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