Feed a Pig

Pigs are like any other human, animal, reptile, or amphibian, they need certain nutrition to stay energized, healthy, and happy.

How much food do you feed a pig you might ask? Well just like a baby, child, teenager, or adult, it depends on their size, weight, and age as well as their sex, environment, and time of year.

In the summer months due to the heat, pigs will eat less than they do in the winter, and although this isn't a good thing for them to do, they do indeed do it.

Pigs unlike humans only need to be fed once a day, maybe twice if you are trying to have them reach a specific weight in a certain time frame. A few snack foods that pigs like (other than there every day mush, pellets, and goats milk) are apples, peaches, other fruits, and they really enjoy vanilla wafers and ice cream. You don't want your pig to be overfed but if that does happen, you can train your pig to walk on a leash, that way you know how much exercise the pig is getting and that it is indeed walking off some of the unwanted weight.

Pig feed should be high in energy, low in fiber, and also be supplemented with enough protein, which are all key items that pigs need. If you are a pig farmer who slaughters and sells pigs you want to especially make sure they are getting the much needed nutrients and keeping them free from diseases, and bacterias that can be transferred to humans.

Pigs are very independent animals and do not require much attention, other than to be fed regularly. If you are indeed interested in keeping your pigs coats looking nice and healthy, olive oil will do the trick! Like I stated above in order to keep a pig happy, healthy and energized they must have those specific nutrients in their diet. If you ever have any questions about how to care for a pig and how to feed a pig as well as what to feed a pig, you can easily take your pig to a vet and there they will be able to evaluate your pig, see how much it weighs and how much food the pig requires, as well as what you should feed it. Pigs are like any other animal and need some tender, loving, care, on top of a great diet.


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