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Ferrets make great pets, if you're willing to up with some of their quirks. These furry charmers are intelligent, can be litter trained and love to play. But ferrets are not legal to be kept as pets in all cities, states and provinces. Before finding a ferret adoption event, check with your local police to be sure you are allowed to own a ferret.

It's always best to find a ferret adoption rescue shelter rather than buy one over the Internet or from a pet shop. Most of the time, the ferrets up for adoption have been abandoned through no faults of their own. Their owners either got bored with them or fell on hard financial times. These ferrets are often already littler trained and have been thoroughly checked by a vet.

First Places First

Let everyone you know that you are in the market to find a ferret for adoption. Ask your vet, your neighbors and trusted business associates. They may know of someone who has to give up their ferret. The more eyes and ears that are looking out for a ferret for adoption, the better.

You also should go to your local animal shelter to find a ferret for adoption. Don't be discouraged if they do not have any at the time. Also, don't be too picky about what color the ferret should be. A good ferret is never a bad color. You will often need to fill out an extensive application form and provide character references before you can adopt a ferret, so bring a pen and expect about an hour to fill out the paperwork.

Ferret Rescue Shelters

If the local animal shelter is bereft of ferrets, ask them if they know of any local ferret rescue centers. Local ferret rescue centers often find ferrets for adoption at overcrowded all-pet animal shelters and take the ferrets off of their hands to free up more space for other animals. You can also look through the internet to find a ferret adoption rescue center.

Adopting a ferret is not free. There is often a small fee for the application paperwork and then a larger fee for the ferret adoption. These fees are still cheaper than buying a ferret at a pet shop or from a breeder. The fees are there to discourage people who may not treat the ferret with the love and attention he or she deserves.


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