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The first thing you need to do before purchasing an exotic pet is to check with the law to assure the animal you want is allowed in your area. Many states, cities, and counties have laws forbidding the sale or purchase of some exotics. There are many internet sources to purchase exotic animals, but local pet stores also carry a large variety of exotics. If the exotic you are wanting is unavailable locally, an internet source may be your only option. Do your research and make certain the company and their animals are legitimate and they can legally send the animal to you.

Many exotics are too large and/or dangerous to be house pets a few of these are the bear, big cats, wild dogs, great apes, or large venomous reptiles. An equal number of exotics are not dangerous and work well as an exotic pet.

The praying mantis would be a great exotic pet. These insects are fun to watch turning their head 180 degrees to observe and capture their prey. They camouflage themselves on plants and sit patiently with no movement while waiting for their prey. The head of the praying mantis is an unusual triangle shape with two large protruding eyes with three smaller eyes between them, making it easy to see their prey. When their victims are within reach, they move with such amazing speed. It is almost impossible to see their movement as they catch their prey. They feed on most insects making them easy to feed.

A Wallaroo is another great choice for an exotic pet. They have a mischievous nature, but are also affectionate and bond well with family members. Discipline is necessary for the Wallaroo but this is relatively easy because they quickly learn the meaning of the word no. You must never use physical punishment on your Wallaroo. They are grazers in the wild so fresh hay and grasses make it easy to find food for them year round.

Other considerations might be a pot-bellied pig, or a cockatoo a bird similar to the parrot. Rodents such as the golden hamster make a nice exotic pet that can be handled by adults or children. Other small exotic live pets for sale are the sugar glider possum, white-bellied hedgehog or a tiny rabbit known as the Holland lop. For an aquatic pet the yellow mud turtle, oriental fire-bellied toad or the African clawed frog may be your exotic pet of choice. The tarantula is another option they come in many different colors and sizes, require little care and make a great conversation piece.


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