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Dog and cat food was first introduced during World War II. It mainly consisted of out dated cereals, grains and left over products from meat markets. Most people's pet are considered to be one of the kids, so why would you expect them to eat something that did not look appealing to yourself. If you can't stand the way that dog or cat food looks or smells, what do you think your pet is thinking?

There are tons of different pet treats to choose from, so don't be fooled by what you read on the front cover of the bag. In your quest to find healthy pet treats make sure that you turn the bag over and read the ingredients carefully. Pay close attention to the very first word and see if it is "water". You do not want your pet's treats to consist mainly of water, because they will be drinking their fair share of water throughout the day. One good thing to be found in healthy pet treats is whole or natural chicken or beef.

Another bit of information to keep in mind when you are trying to find healthy pet treats, is make sure you do not see the word "fillers" anywhere in the list of ingredients. What are fillers you ask. It is just a lot of cheap ingredients with no nutritional value to your pet. One known filler is rice. Fillers are one of the worst things that could be found in pet food, along with artificial colors, steroids and corn. Animals can't digest corn such as humans can't either.

If you understand the proper nutrition that you are suppose to supply your body with, then you should be able to make those same choices for your pet. Omega 3 fatty acids are good for our skin and hair, so it means that it is good for animals' skins and coats as well. It helps to keep it nice, smooth and shiny. We do not want to eat food that is over a week old, so make sure that your treats for your pet is not over 4 weeks old.

Being able to find healthy pet treats can be tricky if you do not know what to look for. It is always better to go the all natural way. Natural is always better. You will be able to find healthy pet treats at area local pet stores in your home town.



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