Find Small Dogs For Adoption

You have decided to adopt a small dog to add to your family but you are not sure where to start looking for the perfect match. There are several options available for adopting a small dog. You can adopt from an individual, humane society, animal control or from a breed specific rescue. No matter which route you choose it is important to pick the right dog for your family.

The first way to find a small dog for adoption is through an individual. You can find ads in your local paper or online classifieds. Use caution when adopting from someone that you don't know. They may not be upfront with the true reason they are finding the dog a new home. Make sure if you do adopt from an individual that you get copies of the pets medical records.

Another way to find a small dog for adoption is by going to your local humane society. Most of the dogs at the humane society are either rescues or are owner turn ins. Humane societies will make sure that the dog is good health, up to date on vaccines, free of parasites and spayed or neutered. The staff at the humane societies are good with matching the dogs with the right owner. They often know the pets well and know their personalities.

Your local animal control is an additional place to find a small dog for adoption. Animal control facilities offer pets that are mostly strays that have been picked up off of the street. They also offer dogs that have been given up by their owners. Dogs adopted from animal control will usually be spayed or neutered and may be vaccinated before being adopted.

If you are set on a adopting a particular breed of dog then a breed specific rescue may be your best bet. Most of the other places to find a small dog for adoption will not have a huge selection of pure breed dogs for adoption. The dogs from these rescues will be up to date on vaccines and spayed or neutered. Breed specific rescues tend to be more rigorous in their adoption procedures and may even want to visit you home prior to adoption. There fees for adoption may me higher as well.

No matter where you find a small dog for adoption, make sure you choose the best fit for your family. Make sure you are ready to make a life long commitment to your new pet.


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