Finding a Golden Retriever Rescue Shelter

Golden retrievers are fun-loving, easy going dogs that are relatively easy to train. This is one reason why they are popular not only with families, but with trainers for guide dogs and rescue dogs. Sadly, many golden retrievers wind up being abandoned through no fault of their own. If you want a golden retriever, it's best to find a golden retriever rescue shelter and adopt your new best friend.

Where To Begin

You begin your search for a golden retriever rescue shelter at your local animal shelter. According to the Humans Society of the United States, 25% of all abandoned dogs are purebreds. Since golden retrievers are so popular, the chances are high there will be a golden retriever there needing a home.

But what if there aren't any goldens and you still need to find a golden retriever rescue center? Your local animal shelter should help you with finding a local golden retriever rescue group in your area. They are familiar with the breed rescue groups because they turn to them to try and house dogs of specific breeds so that they can have more room to house other animals.

Going Online

If they don't know how to help you find a golden retriever rescue shelter, then you need to go online and do some research. Most animal shelters and breed rescue groups not only have their own webpage, but they also post animals that they have for adoption up on national websites such as Petfinder.

If you find a likely dog in your search for a golden retriever rescue shelter, you need to know a few things so you don't fall victim to a scam or inadvertently buy a dog from a puppy mill posing as an animal shelter:

• Good animal shelters will ask you to fill out a very long questionnaire with a small non-refundable fee. You usually need to provide a reference from your veterinarian.
• Never send all of the adoption fee money out before you not only meet the dog, but see the surroundings he was kept in.
• Many golden retriever rescue shelters find that it's better to foster a dog at a volunteer's house rather than have them live in a shelter building. So, you may have to visit someone's house to see the dog.

And be sure that in looking for a golden retriever rescue shelter, you find one that will allow you to bring the dog back for any reason.


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