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Owning a ferret is a massive responsibility that only should be accepted by those who are willing to care for their pet no matter what circumstances arise. Unfortunately, people bring these animals home and do not realize how much time; work and patience go into building and maintaining a satisfying and healthy relationship for both owner and ferret. Often, when the relationship becomes "too much trouble," ferrets are surrendered into shelters and rescue groups.

Ferret rescue groups are fairy godmothers for abandoned ferrets, since they take in unwanted animals, feed and care for them, provide medical attention if required, and place them in forever homes with new owners. Volunteering in rescue groups is extremely rewarding and a wonderful way to assist animals in need.

Becoming involved in a ferret rescue organization is simple and painless. Searching online is the easiest and quickest way to find groups locally. Many ferret rescue organizations have detailed websites, outlying their mission statement, volunteer opportunities, donations and contact information. Essentially, you will need to select a group that has similar ideas, processes and beliefs to your own, so it is vital to read the mission statement if listed. This will outline the group's values and viewpoints. Once you have selected, you will need to contact the appropriate person who is responsible for new volunteers.

Typically, the volunteer contact person will go through a "screening process" with you. This allows the group to understand what types of volunteer work suits you best. They will ask basic questions about whether you have owned a ferret before, how long have you had ferrets, what your ferret typical routine is, etc. "Jobs" in a rescue group can range from the following:
• Fostering the ferret, which means housing the animal and caring for it as if it were your own until a forever home can be found
• Educational work by contacting potential owners about their experiences owning ferrets
• In-home assistants, who inspect potential owner's homes in ensure that it is ferret-proofed and provide tips on ferret-proofing homes.
• Event assistants, who help at adoption or other ferret events by working admission or raffle tables, photographing events and/or greeting guests
Of course, there can be even more jobs that the rescue organization has available. This will all depend on the demands of the area, how many people are in the group, and other factors.

Once you have decided on which job or jobs would be best, then the volunteer contact person will put you in touch with the appropriate person to start your task. Volunteering with a ferret rescue will enrich your life and the lives of the unwanted ferrets in your community!


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