How To Adopt a Yorkie

You want to adopt a Yorkie. You’re now overwhelmed about where to even start your look. Or maybe you have looked, but still feel lost. There are so many different choices that you have when you want to adopt.

You might start with the local shelter, or pound. You most likely won’t find what you are looking for, but you just might.  You can check your local paper, or around your area and see if anyone has Yorkies that are needing new homes. Check with your local vet’s office. They might have an idea of who has a Yorkie that needs a good home. One good thing about going through your vet, is that more the likely the Yorkie will be up to date on its shots. The vet should already know the dog’s history. Now there is rescues that you can adopt your dog from also.

No matter where you adopt the newest member of your family you will have some paperwork to fill out. You will want to take all your family with you when you are going to get your new Yorkie. When you find the Yorkie that is a match for you it is, also a good idea to make sure that this one is also a good fit for the rest of your family. Even though the dog is yours it is also a part of your family. Adopting a Yorkie is more than just going and picking out the cutest one that you can find. It's about opening your home and your family to a new member.

If you have other pets in your home you want to make sure that both the new pet and the older pet can live in the same home together in peace. Do not take too much time once you have found one that you like. They all need good homes and someone else might also have their eye on the same one you do.

Once you have picked your newest member of your family you will need to make sure that the shots are all up to date. You will want your vet to check out your new pet with in the first couple of weeks just to make sure that everything is fine with your new adoption. All dogs have different needs. Getting a Yorkie book to have on hand is always a good idea. You want to read this book to have an idea of what needs your new Yorkie will need. Yorkie's are easy to train. Most adults will already be trained when you get them. If your Yorkie is not already trained it will be easy to train even as an adult.


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