How To Apply Spot Flea and Tick Liquid on Dogs

According to statistics in the US alone, 70% of people own dogs and about 73% of the world's people are dog owners. Dogs are the best pet companions one can have. Besides being a loyal friend and protector, he can give unconditional love. A dog is a proven stress reliever, making him a good diversion from a day's load of work. But there are also problems associated with having a dog. If you are a dog owner and you love walking him around the block, the chances of him catching fleas or ticks from the ground is not remotely possible. Fleas and ticks are a nuisance to both you and your dog. It does not only cause health problems but can really be a discomfort. But there are products in the market nowadays that will render you worry-free!

There are two brands of good tick and flea liquid spot-on for dogs. One product is Frontline from Merial and the other is Advocate from Bayer. Both are applied in the same way and both are effective ways to eradicate and control parasites, yes even worms, off your dog!

A clean dog is a happy dog. Before application, be sure your dog is clean! The spot-on treatment is best when your dog is dry at least a day before application. Do not apply the treatment right after bathing when your dog is still wet. The hair and skin should be completely dry.

Open the tube. For Frontline, break the tip of the tube to open the treatment. For Advocate, use the cap and press it firmly on the tip of the tube to puncture a hole. Once the tube is open, you should immediately use the product. The treatment is toxic to humans so be sure you wear rubber gloves.

Locate the neck. The treatment should be applied on the neck of your dog, or in a human body, the nape. This is to avoid your dog from licking the product. Your dog's neck is the hardest for him to reach therefore it is usually where the concentration of the parasites are located.

Comb hair apart. The treatment works best on the skin of your furry friend. It should be applied directly on the skin and not on the hair. Be sure the skin is visible before applying.

Apply carefully on skin. Apply the treatment carefully forming a line on the exposed skin on your dog's neck. Do not rub or spread the product. Do not touch the product.

Let it dry. Let the product dry completely before holding, petting or playing with your dog. Drying should take at least 2-3 hours. If you have two or more dogs and you are applying the product to all of them, separate each dog to refrain them from playing with each other.

The treatment is used only once a month. Do not overuse it. Usually the dog is cured from parasites in an hour or so after application. After he is completely dry, you can resume your usual bonding. You will notice immediately that your dog is happy and comfortable. When you give this attention and care to him, he will forever be grateful to you for helping him out with a problem he cannot solve on his own.


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