How To Bathe a Pug

Some people see pugs as cute little furry creatures while others consider them hideous dogs. Whatever the case, pugs are wonderful and smart canines that are great as house pets. However, like all dogs, pugs will develop certain undesirable aromas when not bathed and groomed regularly. Most pug owners will tell you that getting a pug to bathe peacefully can really be a challenge since some of these little critters don’t take getting wet too well. Nevertheless, if you want your furry little friend to smell sweet and fresh again, then you will need to muster up the courage and the strength to give your pet a nice bath. Here are some tips on how to prepare the perfect bath for your pug.

  • Use the tub. Since some pugs don’t really like the water and may resist and run once they are wet, it is a great idea to use your bathtub to give him a bath. The shape and height of the tub will make it difficult for your pet to escape. To prepare the tub for the bath, clog the drain and fill it up with lukewarm water. If you are based in a tropical or warm region, then consider using cold water since dogs will greatly appreciate the cooling effect which may neutralize his mood against getting wet. About two inches of water in the tub should be enough.
  • Immerse the pug in the bath. Once the water in the tub is at the preferred height and temperature, get your pug and gently immerse him into the bath. Again, be careful as your dog may resist the initial shock of water but if you keep reassuring him with your hands and with your calming voice, he should get used to the wetness. Cup the water into your palms and sprinkle it on him head and body. Make sure to wet and rub his whole body including the neck, the belly, the armpits, and the ears.
  • Apply shampoo. As soon as the pug is good and wet, squeeze out a generous amount of shampoo from the bottle into your hands. Use your hands to spread and lather the shampoo onto the body of your dog. Once the suds appear, use your hands or a wet towel to continue massaging the shampoo on his body. Make sure to include his face and ears in the application as well. Rinse the shampoo off after about 5 to 10 minutes of scrubbing and massaging.
  • Apply conditioner. Since you love your pug, you will want his coat smooth and shiny. After rinsing the shampoo off his body, apply a generous amount of conditioner. Spread and scrub the conditioner on his coat and let it set for about 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing it off.
  • Dry your pug. After the bath, remove him from the tub and wrap him in a nice, soft, and dry towel. Make sure to massage his body with the towel as well.

Bathing your pug should be done regularly. In fact, most dog lovers and vets recommend baths for dogs to be done once a week. This will ensure that your pug will maintain a nice sweet and fragrant coat all throughout each week.


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