How To Befriend a Stray Dog

If you want to befriend a stray dog, it’s a good to be aware of the type, if you can.  For instance, if the dog is pure Pit Bull, Doberman, a mix or some similar breed, exercise extreme caution. Of course, you may not know much about dog breeds, but you can often tell by a dog’s mannerisms if it appears dangerous. And if the animal seems aggressive, exercise extreme caution, and remember that maybe it’s not such a great idea now to befriend this particular stray dog.

Once you’ve decided it’s ok to befriend a dog, what you should do is to try to get the animal’s attention. Click your tongue, snap fingers, or make a like sound with your mouth. You could also softly clap, or attempt to speak in hushed tones. Ensure you make no sudden moves or noises. Don’t startle the dog.

Second, calmly and slowly, move toward him or her. Continue speaking or make quiet, comforting noises. You want to engage the animal in a positive way, and you want to keep him or her engaged. You don’t want the animal to run away, as you attempt to befriend the stray.

The third step to befriend a stray dog, is to stop, approximately ten feet away minimum, when you’re getting close. Next, pause. See if the pup will come toward you. If you observe that it’s doing so and looks calm and friendly, you can pat your leg or motion toward it. But do stay put, and if you have food or an object that could function as a toy, make use of it.

Then, if the dog doesn’t move toward you, you can walk up to it, slowly and quietly. If the dog appears nervous or frightened, stay cool. It may growl at you, it might bark, or it may even show its teeth. Even if scared, never run. Keep your wits, even if the dog moves suddenly. Remember, your mission is to actually befriend a stray, not to run it off.

If everything is proceeding according to plan, you may extend your hand when the dog is nearby. At this time you want it to get your scent and to start to know you a little better. This is usually the most lengthy process of the act of befriending a stray dog.  It’s a smart idea to let the dog finish sniffing you, until it seems satisfied.

Finally, it’s time to try to pet him or her. Be sure to speak to the dog firmly, but kindly. You’ll soon see that you are now on the way to becoming friends with this animal. You also have just learned how to befriend a stray dog.


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