How To Board a Cat While on Vacation

Even with the popularity of dogs, cats are still regarded as one of the most loved domestic animals in the whole world. If you want to go on an out of town vacation, chances are you will not want to leave your beloved feline friend alone to fend for herself. Therefore, to ensure that she will be given the care that she deserves, you can find a place for her and board her while you are away on your vacation. Here are the steps how.

  1. Look for the most appropriate place for your cat. You can look for boarding places for your cat in the Internet, advertisements in the newspapers, yellow pages and pet magazines. You need to canvass what is the most suitable. The factors that you need to consider are: space, lodging (food, etc), proximity from other pets especially on other kinds of animals, and the expenses. Moreover, you need to consider the contracts that you need to comply. Some boarding places are paid based on daily rates while others on weekly rates. Plan considerably on what you will choose by running comparisons between these boarding places.
  2. Go and inspect the place yourself. Before putting your kitty at the hands of others, you need to be sure of the kind of service that they offer. Know the level of cleanliness, the kind of pampering they employ, and the name of the manager or owner of the institution where you will leave your cat. In case of certain decisions, you may need to contact them. Getting their contact number is therefore a necessity.
  3. Bring a copy of your cat’s veterinary history. The institution may need this information so that they can refer to this in times of emergency, especially regarding the health and well being of your pet. You must bring with it any kind of identification for your cat.
  4. Ask the management if they have rules on bringing in personal accessories for your cat. Some facilities prohibit things that come from the owners themselves because of certain maintenance issues. It is necessary for you to know them. They may discard these materials when this policy is included in their rules and regulations.
  5. Give your contact number. You must give your contact number to let them inform you regarding some things that may need your discretion.
  6. Do not leave them too long. You need to reconsider your plan to board your cat if your vacation is beyond a month. The thing about this is that your cat may be totally integrated to the boarding place and she may have the difficulty to recognize you when you return. You can consider bringing her with you on these occasions.

Owning a cat is a very therapeutic thing, and because of this, developing a sense of connection with your pet is normal. In times when you need to be separated, finding a good boarding place for your cat needs to be done with caution and practicality. With these you will leave with a clear presence of mind.


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