How To Breed German Shepherd Dogs

German shepherd dogs are one of the most popular breed of dogs. Here are the steps on how to breed your very own German Shepherd.

  • Lineage. The first step you should take is to know the lineage of your German Shepherd. Best results are often derived when dogs of matching lineages are paired together. After determining the lineage of your dog you can now start your search of a probable partner.
  • Check Up. It is very important to visit your vet if you’re planning to breed with your female German shepherd. Your female dog should undergo a test to determine whether she is capable of bearing puppies. Aside from that your dog should be in the best health possible; only healthy females should produce puppies. She will have need to be X-rayed and checked to see if she has some disease or disorder.
  • Trials and Titles. As much as possible only worthy and healthy dogs are allowed to breed puppies. Put your female in trials and earn titles to make sure your female is allowed to bear puppies. You will need this when you are looking for a mate. You prospect stud owner will look for your dog’s title before agreeing to your contract.
  • Ask Questions. If you know anyone that is an expert on German Shepherds ask them any questions you have in mind. It is very important to make sure you will get the best possible match for your female.
  • Stud Search. Look for local stud owners. Look for one that has a compatible lineage. Ask what policies or contracts he practices in breeding. Stud owners usually ask to see your female first before saying yes. He will also look for your dog’s titles, vet records and certifications to make sure your dog is qualified to breed dogs.
  • Breeding Fees. Discuss the stud owner how much will he charge for the stud service. It is common that a puppy is used for a fee. Make a contract if possible. Read the contract properly and sign the paperwork.
  • Breeding Location. Discuss where you want to do the breeding procedure. If you agreed to do it at the stud’s site you will need to transport your female. In transporting your dog, don’t forget to bring with her all her supplies and items. When the stud owner believes the breeding is done, you can now bring home your female dog. Give your dog her favorite food or something to reduce the stress she may feel from being away from home.
  • Check Up. Visit your vet regularly. Ask your vet if the breeding was a success. Check if there was any injury or disease transmitted to your dog. Soon enough your vet will conduct an ultrasound to check the puppies. Take good care of your female while she is carrying her puppies with her to be sure of good results.

Finally, wait for your female to give birth.


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