How To Bring Home a New Puppy

Most people choose puppies as a pet. If it is your first time to bring home a new puppy, there are some things that you can do to make your puppy more comfortable in his new home. By making your puppy comfortable, you will also have an easier time in taking care of him and cleaning up after him. Here are some of the things that you can do on how you can bring a new puppy into your home:

  • Preparation. Before you bring home your puppy, make sure that you already have a space for him to stay. Having a pet is also similar to having a child. You have to give him all the attention that he needs. Some of the basic things that you should take care of are the sleeping place, the food and some toys that will keep your puppy happy. There are also other things that you should buy, such as a leash, a doggy bag and some things for pet hygiene, such as a brush and puppy shampoo.
  • Bringing the puppy home. When you pick up your puppy from the pet store, make sure to bring some of the items that will make your puppy comfortable during the trip. It is advisable to have someone with you when you take the puppy home so that someone can hold the puppy while you drive or vise versa. Bring a small blanket with you so that you can be ready if ever the puppy urinates during the trip.
  • Making the puppy comfortable. It is important that you make your puppy feel welcome when you arrive at home. You can carefully introduce the puppy to his new space. If you live with other people, it is also good to introduce the other people to the puppy so that he can get used to all the people who will live with him. If you have other pets, you have to make sure that they get a long with the new puppy.
  • Train the puppy. Puppies urinate and excrete waste more frequently than dogs. After every meal, you can take your puppy outside so that he can do his business. Be sure to praise your puppy for a job well done. Do this after every few hours so that your puppy can be trained well.
  • Vaccines and hygiene. Bring your puppy to the veterinary and have him vaccinated and checked for any illnesses. This is also the time to ask your vet some questions regarding the right type of food that is good for your pet or some activities that you can do to help train him. Bring your puppy to a pet groomer so that he can get used to the idea of other people trimming his nails or hair.

These are just some of the things that you can do to make your puppy more comfortable in entering a new home. If you follow these tips, you will surely find it easier to live with your new pet.


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