How To Bring Up a Puppy

Having a trained dog as a companion is a good thing for the dog owner. The best time to train a dog is while he is still a puppy. When you get your puppy home from the pet store, it is never too soon to establish a good relationship. There are some things that you can do in order for you to bring up a puppy that will be both healthy and active. You do not necessarily need a trainer to do these things.

Here are some of the tips that you can use when you are bringing up your puppy:

  • Check up. As soon as you get your puppy, go to your local veterinarian and have your puppy checked. This is just to see if there are any vaccines that are needed by your puppy and to make sure that your puppy is healthy. You can also ask the veterinarian on the type of food that is good for the breed of your puppy. Make sure to set appointments with your vet once in a while to see if your puppy is in good health.
  • Hygiene. It is also important that you bring your puppy to a grooming center. It is important that you do this when your puppy is still young so that he can get used to other people touching him, cutting his hair, brushing his teeth and cutting his nails. Bring your puppy every few months so that he can get treatments that will improve his hygiene. Remember that a clean dog is a happy dog.
  • Bonding. Do some activities with your puppy. Walk your puppy around the neighborhood or play catch in the park. These physical activities will not only keep your puppy healthy, you too can get a little exercise by doing these things with your pup!
  • Train. Try to train your puppy on your own. You can research on some guides and how to's for puppy training. Follow the guides and teach your puppy some basic training skills, such as urinating and defecating outside, catching something, carrying something, sitting or fetching. If you start training your puppy at a young age, you will end up with an obedient dog.
  • Socialize. Teach your puppy how to socialize with other dogs. Go to the park and there may be other dog owners that go there with their dogs. This will teach your puppy how to interact with other animals and with them in a friendly manner.

These are some of the tips that you can use when you are bringing up your puppy. Bringing up your puppy the right way may not be easy. You will need a lot of patience in doing this but if you take time in dealing with your puppy, you will surely end up with the best dog. For some tips and guidelines on how you can train your puppy, you can go to the website This website has information on obedience training, house training, agility training and many more.


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