How To Brush a Dog

Taking care of your dog does not only mean giving him a bath everyday and feeding him. Good grooming for dogs is also an important aspect in keeping your dog healthy and happy. One of the things that you can do to make your dog happy is to brush his coat. Brushing the coat of your dog will help in lessening the shedding of the coat. Aside from this, you can also check your dog for any skin diseases or problems that he may have.

Here are the instructions on how you can brush your dog’s coat properly:

  1. Prepare your dog. First, you have to prepare your dog for the grooming. If your dog is not used to being groomed, he might squirm a lot. It will be helpful if you keep him in a short leash.
  2. Brushing tips. Now, you can brush the coat of your dog. Start brushing from the head of your dog up to the tail. You can part the hair so that it will be easier for you to brush the hair in sections. When you brush, go against the direction of the growth of the hair. This will get rid of all the tangles on the coat. Do this until you have already brushed the entire body of your dog.

The next step is to reverse what you did. For this, you have to work your way from the tail to the head. Brush in the direction of the growth of hair.

These are the simple directions on how you can brush the coat of your dog. The instructions are better for dogs that have longer hair. You might want to consult an expert for some directions on how you brush your dog’s hair if the hair is not long.

There are also some special brushes that need to be used for different dog hair types. Using the correct type of brush is important so that you can brush the hair properly. Here are the types of brushes and for what type of dog hair they are used:

  • Wire pin brush. A wire pin brush is ideal for dogs that have long hair. This can also be used for dogs with curly hair.
  • Bristle brush. Bristle brushes come in different types. There are wide spaced bristle brushes and narrow spaced bristle brushes. The widely spaced brushes are ideal for the long haired dogs while the narrow ones are the ones that are used for dogs that have short hair.
  • Undercoat rake. An undercoat rake is used for dogs that have a double coat. This type of brush gets rid of the dead hair that is left in the undercoat of the dog.
  • Slicker brush. The slicker brush is the next brush that you use after brushing with the wire pin brush or the bristle brush. The slicker brush will smooth out the hair of your dog after the first brushing.

These are the different brushes that are used for different dog coats. You can purchase them from any pet store. 


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