How To Build a Cat Window Box

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The instructions on how to build a cat window box are pretty simple, in fact nearly anyone can do it. The cat window box will allow for the cat to perch himself up on the window sill without in fact being in the window. This cat window box will allow the cat to see what is going on outside and will allow for the cat to get some sun during the day when it is sunny outside and some sun is shining in the window. The instructions are fairly simple and can be done within a matter of a few minutes to a couple of hours.

The first step in creating a cat window box is to measure the window that you want to use the cat window box in. If you are placing the window box in a window that is the same size as the rest of the windows in the house it will not matter what size one window is to the next. This will make it easier to allow the cat to change from one window to the next depending on what time of day it is and which room you will want to place the cat window box in. Let’s say that the window you want to place the box in is 3 feet long. You will want to measure a piece of wood at 3 feet long and let’s use a width of one foot. This will give the cat plenty of room to rest and relax in. So once you have your wood measured you will need to have purchased 2 brackets that will allow for the piece of wood to be attached to the window sill. Once you have placed the brackets on the wall you will then want to continue making your cat window box.

You will have to have the piece of wood measuring 3 feet and one foot wide. Once you have this wood measured and cut you will need to have the sides measured to be cut. I would recommend using a piece of wood that is 1 foot in length and I would use 2 inches in height. This will allow enough of a height to place a cat bed that is rectangular in shape to be placed into the window box to allow a comfortable bed to be used while the cat lies in the box. You will need to have two of the sides cut which is 1 foot by 2 inches and for the longer sides you will need 3 feet by 2 inches. You will need to screw all these pieces together with screws and apply some wood cover over the holes and then sand it. Once it has been sanded you will want to place some paint on the box. I would use some paint that you have  left over from painting your walls. This will make the bed match the walls and flow better. Once you have painted it and it has dried drill some holes where the brackets will sit and use flat screw's with a nut and bolt to keep the window box on the wall without falling so when the cat jumps up into the box it will not fall. Then you will want to place the cat bed into the cat window box. You have then successfully created a cat window box.


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