How To Build a Litter Box for Multiple Cats

Pet litter box

Any feline expert will tell you that you should have one litter box per cat in the household. Therefore, if you have five cats you will be required to have five boxes. For many pet owners, even three boxes are too many. Not only do you have to find a place to put them, but you have to keep them filled and clean. Not to mention, who wants to have a litter box in every room of their house? However, if you have multiple cats, not having a satisfactory box could result in the cat marking outside the box. So if you want to limit the number of boxes, you can build one large one. The following are instructions on how to build a litter box for multiple cats.

  1. If quantity is what you want to avoid, go for quality. Instead of scattering several small boxes throughout the house, build one large litter box. The materials are simple and can be purchased at most stores. All you will need is one large plastic storage container, scissors that can cut plastic, and 20 or more pounds of cat litter.
  2. To get started, choose a plastic storage container. It needs to be at least three inches deep to hold the litter, but not too high. The length depends on how many cats you have. If the edges are too high from the ground the cats may not be able to get in or out of the box easily and may avoid using it. You can use a clear storage container, but a colored container may be preferred to hide the litter as well as blend in with the decor.
  3. Next, mark where you want the opening to be at one of the ends. If your cat or cats prefer closed litter boxes, you can get a deeper storage container, cut an opening in it, and leave the lid on. The hole is where the cats will enter. You can make two entrances if you prefer. With the scissors, cut the opening out. Make it wide enough for the cats to fit.
  4. Now you can add the litter. Every cat has a preferred type and brand. Find out what your cat likes best and use that. Use 20 pounds or more until the box is full. You may want to fill some areas more than others. Some cats like to urinate in the center of the box, while others prefer the sides. Learn your cats habits and put more litter where they most prefer to go.

A large box should allow each cat to use the box without stepping in the same spot as the previous cat. This simple and easy project should be the solution to your litter box dilemma.


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