How To Build a Multilevel Aquarium

A number of fish in an aquarium will require that there be enough room to allow the fish to move around the tank openly, and to give them enough room can sometimes can be difficult. Here are some directions on creating a multilevel fish aquarium, which will allow you to have a large number of fish, while giving them the area they need to live happily and healthy.

Let’s use shapes here when creating a multilevel fish tank. The first step in creating a multilevel aquarium is to first decide on the measurements that you want to use. I am going to give you an example of what the tank will resemble. Let’s take the shape of An “L” and use this as our multilevel aquarium.

The length of the tank at the bottom should measure 2 feet in width. The sides of the tank on the longer end are going to measure 3 feet tall. Once you have the measurements set for the longer ends you will need to purchase the plexi glass in the “L” Shape. So the other lengths are going to be exactly ½ of the other measurements. You will need to purchase 2 pieces of plexy glass in this size and measurements. Once you have done this you will want to decide how wide you want your tank to be. For fun, Let's just say you want your measurements to be 1 foot wide in diameter for the inside of the tank You will want to purchase additional pieces of the glass material in the size of 1 ½ feet in height by 1 foot in width. You will need 2 pieces of this size as well as a piece of the glass material that measures 1 foot by 1 foot in size. Once you have these pieces which will be used for the portion of the “L” that is multilevel, you are going to need the longer piece of glass to run the whole length of the “L”, which will measure 3 feet tall by 1 foot wide. In addition to these pieces you are going to need to purchase the bottom portion of the multilevel aquarium and this measurement is going to be 2 feet long by 1 foot in width.

Once you have all your pieces of the aquarium, you will need to purchase a sealer that will be used to hold all your pieces together. When placing them together and creating your multilevel aquarium, you will want to do this in steps to ensure the proper placements of the tank.

Take all your measurement pieces and lay them out so that each piece is in the area that it will be placed at and then slowly by starting at the bottom portion attach the sides. First apply one side of the “L” and seal the side to the bottom. Once you have done this and held in place for a few moments be sure to place a clamp to hold it in the right location. Once you have done this continue moving around the tank till all bottom portions of the tank are applied. Allow this area to dry completely for one day before adding the other portions of the aquarium. This will take a number of days to provide the best seal possible for your multilevel aquarium. Once you have attached all pieces and allowed to dry, be sure to add water to the tank and look for any water that may be seeping out of the seams. If there is no water leaking, then your multilevel aquarium is ready to be used. You may want to purchase the black rubber siding that will go over the seams and you will want to use this to cover all the seams to make the tank look more professional.


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