How To Build a Round Pen

Having a suitable place for your horse to exercise in or train a horse in is important to many horse owners, and building a round pen is a perfect fit for both of these ambitions. It is a place with enough space for your horse to move, but there isn't much to distract or bother your horse. There are different kinds of round pens for sale, but if you build a round pen, you can make it to fit your specifications.     

  1. The first step in building a round pen is to decide how large you want the pen and to pick the spot where you want it. As soon as you know where you want the round pen, you can have a circular pad bulldozed flat and put a layer of stone sand down and wet it then compact. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the stability of the floor of the pen.
  2. Next, you will need to decide on a good size of posts and put them into the ground. The posts should be about four feet apart with an eight-foot opening for a gate. If your ground is firm enough, you can just dig the holes and fill around the poles with the dirt to build your round pen, but if not, you can fill the holes with a quick drying concrete to secure the poles in the ground.
  3. Now your round pen is ready for the railings. Be sure the boards you are using for the railings have been soaked for the appropriate amount of time to make them bendable. The boards should be nailed to the posts as a solid wall to ensure the horse does not get his foot caught in the railings. The rest of the boards can be cut to cover the joints in the posts on the inside and finish off the top by nailing a board horizontally across the top row of joints.
  4. The last touch to building your round pen is to put the gate of the round pen into place. There are few options you have for this step. You can either build yourself a wooden one or just buy a metal one that is already made at the store. If you do choose to build your own gate, be sure to research the correct way to build a wooden gate.

You are not finished building your own round pen. Be sure to get your horse acquainted with the pen before releasing it in the pen without supervision.


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