How To Build an Agility Training Tire Jump

An Affordable Solution for Taking the Podium

Build a tire jump to train your dog at home, without spending tons of money.

What you will need:

(x4) 20-inch PVC pipes

(x2) 5-inch PVC pipes

(x2) 47-inch PVC pipes

(x2) 37-inch PVC pipes

(x4) T joints

(x2) Elbow joints

(x3) Bungee cords

(x1) Tire - size will depend upon dog and competition

(x3) Bungee cords w/hooks – 1 should be longer than the other two  

Step 1

Start from the bottom:

  • First you will take (x1) T joint and insert (x2) of the 20-inch pipes on either side of the T joint.
  • Repeat this process once more to finish the section of the base that will lie on the ground.

Step 2

Going up:

  • Insert (x1) 5-inch pipe in the open end of the T joint from the above step.
  • Repeat this once more for the other base.
  • Insert (x1) T joint on top of the 5-inch pipe that you just inserted (there will be no exposed end on the 5-inch pipe).
  • Repeat this once more for the other 5-inch pipe.

Now you should have two separate base stabilizers.

Step 3

The frame:

  • Take (x1) of the 37-inch pipes and insert it between the two T joints attached to the bases.

Now you should have a standing base with a low horizontal 37-inch PVC pipe.

Step 4

The final touches:

  • Insert both of the 47-inch pipes into the only open end of T joints on the base.
  • Insert (x1) of the elbow joints on top of the 47-inch pipe and face it inward.
  • Repeat this process once more for the other 47-inch pipe.
  • Connect the two elbow joints that are now attached with the last 37-inch pipe.

You now have the frame and need to connect the tire.

Step 5

Connecting the tire:

  • Take the (x1) long bungee cord and lay it over the top of the frame on the top 37-inch pipe.
  • Take the tire and wrap the bungee cord around it by interlocking the hooks.
  • On the two corners of the base, wrap the remaining (x2) bungee cords around and hook onto the tire.


The two bungee cords from the base should be at an angle and the bungee from the top should hang straight down.

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