How To Build an Indoor Doghouse

This article teaches you everything you will need to know to make an indoor doghouse or home for your dog. Here, your dog could stay inside whenever you are away from the home. You will want to decide how big the doghouse needs to be. Your dog should be comfortable inside. Including being able to stand up and turn around. You do not want them to get stuck. Measure your dog, top to bottom, front to back. Make sure to right these measurements down.
Next, you will buy what is called pet mats. You will need five of them. These pet mats will all come together to make a cube or rectangle. Depending on which size you buy. Next, you will buy pillow covers with zippers. This way, you can take them off for washing. When you wash them, you will wash away dander, fleas, and other dust mites. These pillow covers will cover the pet mats.
The next step is to sew Velcro to the mats, on all corners. This is how they are going to attach. You will sew the Velcro in place every eight inches, and be sure not to sew the foam. If the foam is sewed, it will be difficult to remove the pillow cover. After you have attached all five sides together, you will next do the opening. Bigger dogs are okay with no door, but the littler dogs enjoy the closed off space. You can add another door with only Velcro on one side, so that it swings, or else, you can cover with fabric, or even a cute lace.

It may take awhile for your dog to understand that this home is for them. You can invite them inside by putting a treat, or bone inside. Another idea is to place a favorite stuffed animal inside. After a while, they will get used to it and want to spend all their extra time in there. You can place a soft blanket on the floor of the dog house. Make it as comfortable as possible. If you have a puppy who is not trained, or even older dogs, you may want to place a plastic lining on the bottom under the pillow cover. This way if there are any accidents, you can easily clean it up.
Always make sure there is nothing hanging above the dog house, such as a plant, that could fall. And never put the entrance towards a wall. This could scare the dog. Never allow children to play inside the dog house, this is strictly the dogs' territory. They need to have their own place to go to escape the world outside. Not to mention the germs that will be inside.


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