How To Build Non-Toxic Aquarium Decorations

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An aquarium is a living, moving work of art. The sea life within and the decorations can reflect different moods and feelings. You can build non-toxic aquarium decorations and change the feel of your art.

The important thing to remember about anything you put into your aquarium is that it must be non-toxic; it cannot be oily, dirty, or able to mix in with the water. Some great things are found in nature; rocks and driftwood make great additions to aquariums. Use non-toxic glue and make caves and such for your fish to hide in out of rocks or glass stones. Find or buy some seashells. If you have a fresh water aquarium you should wash any seashells very well and may even want to coat them with non-toxic silicon to keep any salt from mixing in your water.

You can also build non-toxic aquarium decorations out of ceramic. Make sure the paint and glaze you use is non-toxic and won't bleed into the water. There are all kinds of different molds available that would look great in an aquarium.

When you first get started you may want to decide on a few different themes. Build non-toxic aquarium decorations around the themes. Perhaps a few natural pieces to create the underwater atmosphere, and then finish it off with some ceramic pieces you did yourself. You could make things have an old look, perhaps even break some pieces before you have them fired, to give the feel of things being lost in the sea for a long period of time.

If you have drawing abilities, or have some great pictures you can make to the size of the back of the tank, you can build non-toxic aquarium decorations to create a landscape. Get the measurements of the back of your tank and resize the picture or drawing to fit. Once you have the right size you will need to get the picture laminated so it can go in the water. You would be surprised how having some type of landscape on the back of the aquarium will really bring it all together.

Try to keep the habits of your fish in mind when you build non-toxic aquarium decorations. Make your decorations work with the colors of your fish. Try not to overcrowd the tank; the fish still need room to swim around. It may be best to start with the backdrop, in the theme you are working with, and add one piece at time until you are happy with the result.

Once you have your aquarium all set up take the time to enjoy it before you start to build more non-toxic aquarium decorations with a new theme. Of course, if you are like most aquarium lovers, you may just start on a whole new tank!


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