How To Buy a Dog Crate

One essential item that you should buy if you have a dog in your home is a dog crate. A dog crate is useful for both you and your dog. It is good for your dog because he will have his own space in the house. There are times when dogs just want to hole up in one corner of the room, so providing a crate can give him a sense of peace and comfort. On the other hand, you will likewise benefit from purchasing a dog crate because it will help you in training and disciplining your pet. A dog crate also comes in handy when shielding your dog from a possible brawl with other pets in the house.

When buying a dog crate, be reminded of the following tips:

  1. The crate should be roomy enough to allow your pet to move and change positions comfortably. To make sure you get the right size, measure your dog when in various positions and add an allowance of three inches. Take note also that when your dog is standing inside the crate, there is a clearance of four to five inches above him.
  2. Select the most suitable dog crate for your dog that is available in your local pet supply store. If your pet is an active dog, you may opt for a steel-wire cage or one made of hard plastic. There are crates made of thick aluminum and copper. Whichever material you prefer your dog crate to be made of, just make sure it can endure your dog’s weight and movements. Dogs can be restless at times and if the crate is not strong enough, it might give way and consequently your dog might get hurt.
  3. A dog crate must have enough openings for ventilation. Avoid buying a crate that is closed on the sides with just the door serving as opening. Instead, select one that has bar enclosures on all sides so air can freely circulate. 
  4. The flooring of the dog crate should be flat and even with no protrusions or rough parts. This is very important because some dogs can develop allergies if they are made to lie down on coarse surface. Also, dogs love to snuggle, so a smooth bed is necessary.
  5. If you plan to have more dogs in the future, buy a dog crate that is durable and will last for a long period of time so the other dogs can use it as well. However, if the crate is made of steel or iron, maintain it by repainting regularly to prevent from rusting.
  6. If you are buying a crate when your dog is still a puppy, choose a bigger cage so he can still use it when he becomes a full grown dog. This is with the exception of course, of certain breeds such as the Chihuahua dog that remain of the same size until they mature.
  7. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, buy a crate made of hard material. Wood is not advisable since the dog might just chew on it and eventually the cage will disintegrate.

Once you have chosen the right dog crate for your pet, gradually train him to stay in his cage now and then. Be sure to clean the crate everyday so fleas and mildew will not thrive.


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