How To Buy a Finch Feeder

If you don’t have a garden or a plant-field patio, but you want to be near nature, a simple thing to do is to buy a finch feeder. A finch feeder attracts finches of different colors, sizes, and kinds. Even non-finch kinds of birds can be attracted if your house has an attractive finch feeder. So, do you want some birds to flock in your house?

First of all, decide on the type of finch feeder you want for your house. Here are three popular types:

Sock finch feeder. It is type is perhaps the simplest and the cheapest of all finch feeders. Mesh sock is the material used for this. You simply need to fill it with seeds, hang it from a tree branch, and let it wait for some finches. Unlike other types of finch feeders, the sock finch feeder does not need any perches. The finch birds can simply hang on that sock feeder and eat some seeds. Though simple, you can also find finch feeders with some floral designs.

Upside down finch feeder. This kind of finch feeder is called upside down because the finch birds can be upside down when they eat from this feeder. So, it’s not actually the feeder that is upside down. This type is also hanged from a branch of a tree. An upside down finch feeder is usually made out of long plastic tube. This tube has many openings where the seeds can be eaten. Each opening in the upside down finch feeder has a perch where birds can hang from or sit when they are eating.

Spiral perch finch feeder. This type of finch feeder looks the same as the upside down finch feeder. It is made out of long, plastic tube. The only unique thing about this feeder is the spiral perch unlike the few perches in the upside down type. Spiral perch finch feeder is also the most stylish among other feeders. So if you want something more of a beautiful decoration for your house, then this finch feeder is the best for you.

After deciding which type of finch feeder to buy, start shopping for that particular type. You can check your local pet store or you can search online. Whatever type you want, make sure to get a finch feeder that is:

  • Made out of durable material. A plastic with wood frame is the most durable. Mesh or the sock feeder is fine if your area doesn’t have any squirrels. Glass will look elegant but will break easily.
  • Easy to fill with seeds and easy to clean up. A finch feeder with catching trays is not good because it can also catch droppings and pests.

Don’t forget to compare prices and features before buying a finch feeder. Prioritize safety, especially if you will be buying online. Make sure that the seller is reputable and that your computer is free of any spyware.

With all these in mind, you can now buy the best finch feeder with confidence. You can now  imagine how relaxing it will be to watch birds that will visit your finch feeder and eat some seeds from it.


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