How To Buy a Healthy English Bulldog Puppy

Having a dog for a pet is very common, and for a good reason. Dogs are very loyal and can provide loving and safe company. But some people do not settle for just any dog, but they prefer a pure breed that has some special features, such as an English bulldog. This type of dog is considered a “perpetual puppy” because its appearance remains puppy-like even if it has matured. The English bulldog is short and has small legs. Its head is big and round, and it does not have a long snout. Its body is also round, making it look even cuter. An English bulldog may look too cute, but it has the capability to defend its master. This breed is called “bulldog” because during the old times, its breed was used in dog fighting and bull baiting.

Bulldogs are sensitive to warm temperature and they seem to be teething even when they are older. It is important for them to stay in a well ventilated place, and to be provided with clean teething and chew toys so they will not chew on the door or furniture. In looking for bulldog puppies, start by asking a referral from an English bulldog owner. These owners will be glad to refer you to the pet store from which they bought their dogs, or to a professional breeder in the area. It is advisable not to buy the first English bulldog puppy that you see. Just like shopping for the best gadget, it is best to look around and make a short list.

Visit each pet store and English bulldog breeder and check out where they house the puppies. Take note of the surroundings, whether it is clean, well ventilated, and well lighted. Also observe how the dogs’ caregivers are treating them. English bulldogs that have been trained properly and are treated with kindness eventually develop a cheerful and loving personality, and become loyal to its owner. Ask specific questions such as the place of origin of the English bulldog puppy, and if possible, ask to see the parents of the puppy, or at least a photo of them on the store’s or breeder’s records. Find out whether the dogs have been vaccinated, and who their veterinarian is. English bulldogs need regular exercise to stay healthy. Ask the store owner or breeder whether the dogs are going on regular walks outside of their cage or are allowed to play around in an open space to provide them with a venue to exercise. Also check if the dogs have been registered already. Ask about the required paperwork when you are going to purchase the English bulldog puppy, and how much it will cost.

Once you have selected an English bulldog puppy, have it checked by a veterinarian you have personally chosen and verify whether it is fit to be taken home with you. If there are some health issues, decide whether you are willing to take the dog home and have it treated yourself, or you want to choose a healthier puppy.


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