How To Buy a Pet Raccoon

Owning a pet raccoon isn’t exactly ideal, as this is considered an undomesticated animal. Their natural habitat is in the wild and making them domesticated means some change or alteration is done in their natural environment. However, it cannot be helped. Some people would still like to have them as pets. If you are one of those people, listed below are some tips to help you where to buy one and how you can be a better pet raccoon owner.

First, you have to be aware of how much is demanded from you, if you decide to keep a pet raccoon. They can be dangerous to your property as raccoons love digging and could damage your wires and other furnishings. So, do your research and learn about raccoon behavior. It would help to know this to use this to your advantage as its pet owner later.

Another factor to consider is tending to your raccoon’s health needs.  Do shop around for a very capable veterinarian who can treat raccoons.  Some veterinarians actually refuse these animals because they tend to be aggressive and this could pose a problem later on.

Next, check with the local state or government. Some agencies believe keeping raccoons as pets may be illegal so before you buy one, make sure you are not breaking any law. If you have to seek permits, comply with the requirements to obtain it.

If this is legal in your state and you have a local wildlife agency, it would be a good idea to seek their help for information, knowledge and guidance before actually getting a raccoon for pet. Ask them about living conditions you can best offer to the pet. Inquire about what to feed them, for how many times in a day. These are pertinent questions you will need to know, to become a responsible raccoon pet owner. The staff at the local wildlife agency may even help hook you up with a very reliable breeder from where you can buy the raccoon.

As raccoons are rare exotic pets, it may be difficult to find this at regular pet stores, so look into the newspaper ads for a breeder. You can also look into pet magazine advertisements. Ask friends for recommendation, and finally, check online for exotic pet groups specific to raccoons. A network like this will usually have something useful to give you.

Never instantly buy just about any raccoon offered to  you without asking questions from the breeder beforehand. You have to be aware of how the raccoon has been raised and you have to assess if it is physically fit. So make sure to arrange seeing the pet first before making your purchase.

If you have to travel for this, and have decided on buying the raccoon while you are there, have the necessary travel arrangements made. Your raccoon should be especially kept well in the cargo area, so be prepared with its proper container or cage.


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