How To Buy Aquarium Bubblers

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Aquariums set a physical limit to a fish’s environment including the restriction of oxygen supply in especially small tanks. It is therefore required that each one be equipped with aquarium bubblers, which help the fish breathe easier when installed inside aquariums. Otherwise you will have to replace its contents everyday with fresh water. They come in all shapes and sizes and are conveniently made from plastic or ceramic. Not only do aquarium bubblers facilitate oxygen release, they also serve as great exercise and entertainment for your pet fish and make their scales appear healthier and more vibrant. Follow the steps below to know how to go about purchasing one for your own.

  1. Consider the size of the aquarium. The aquarium bubbler should not occupy most of the space inside the tank. Some fish owners place the bubblers just a few centimeters over the tank and brought low enough to touch the water surface in order for the tank to remain spacious so as not to disrupt the swimming area of the fish. The size of the fish also commands urgency. Without a bubbler, a large fish can only last an hour before it dies. You might want to consider installing a canister filter as well to aid with keeping the free of impurities.
  2. Bubble size. Although it is healthy exercise and great fun to watch, not all fish love playing around and swimming across large and fierce bubbles. Some fish are scared of the bubblers and avoid it completely, reducing the swimming area considerably. This is functionally unimportant for the bubbler will still serve its purpose, but you might want to consider buying one that is smaller and produces finer bubbles at timed intervals so as not to contain your fish in one tight spot.
  3. Choose an attractive design. When you’ve got all the previous requirements sorted out, you may now head to your local pet store and look for an aquarium bubbler that satisfies the aquarium conditions you’ve settled beforehand. The selections are boundless. You may even set a theme for your aquarium in order to fully-customize its look and make your fish’s tank experience more interesting for the both of you. The most popular being the Lost Tropical Island or Sunken Pirate ship theme that comes with fully automated animations made of ceramic molds. Some simply opt for simple designs as they are much more manageable to clean and replace.
  4. Ask for accompanying accessories. Your aquarium bubbler will not work on its own. Ask the local pet shop owner to give you the complete set of valves, air pumps, airline tubing and all necessary supplies to maintain a proper functioning aquarium tank. The bubbler will cost you only around $10 and you call have all the accessories under $50.

Though bubblers are highly recommended, some saltwater tanks or large-enough fish tanks can get away without installing one if they have a powerful canister filter that shoots water and oxygen bubbles into the filled tank continuously. Your local pet supply store is sure to have all aquarium supplies covered, but you may want to check online for possible alternatives. Try the following online shops: Marine Depot ; Aquatic Depot; and Fish.


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