How To Buy Pigeon Supplies

Pigeons have been long classified as pest birds. However, pigeons also have likable qualities that are unlike any other birds. Pigeons are excellent pets known for their homing instincts. They will return to your home even if you release them from somewhere away from your home. All pigeons, regardless of their breed, have certain needs that we have to provide. 

Here are tips in buying Pigeon Supplies:

  • Shelter. Just like any other animal, pigeons need shelter for security. Coops make a great place to keep your pigeon and can be bought in pet stores or constructed using a kit.  Pigeons need as much airflow as possible through the loft. The more airflow, the healthier the birds are. Its shelter should also not be crowded. Ordinarily, three sides are closed and one side open. Perches should also be part of the housing of your pigeon. If you have other pets like cats and dogs, be sure to keep them away.


  • Feeds. You must feed your pigeon on a regular basis. A proper pigeon feed is recommended. They eat grain-based food like rice, barley and popcorn. These basic feeds can be readily purchased in the grocery store or pet store. Make sure that you do not cook any of the food for your pigeon. It should always be given in raw form. The birds need a mixed grain serving with a basic 12-15% protein.  During the pigeon's breeding season, the given protein percentage can be increased to 18-20% in order for the young to grow well and develop feathers quickly.  A lot of places have feed suppliers that have perfected various mixes for your pigeons. Many people advise that you take advantage of the feed supplier's expertise and buy from them rather than trying to mix your own ratio, especially at the beginning of your pigeon breeding.  You can also find excellent pigeon pellets in the market. These pellets are made up of grain.


  • Water.  A pigeon must drink water every day. The water, of course should always be clean. A pigeon drinks right after eating, and it takes a second drink about 30-60 minutes after the first. There are many watering devices available on the market. If you only have a few pigeons in your coop, a good investment is the gravity-fed water fountain, which can roughly hold a gallon or 3.6 L.  You just fill the fountain and invert it into his holder. It has holes cut into it that allow pigeons to drink.  Pigeons drink in a different manner than chickens. A pigeon sucks up water, while a chicken drinks water by dipping their beaks into water, allowing water to accumulate in their beaks and then lifting their heads to let the water run down their throat.  Water should always be changed every day or as often as possible. If it gets dirty, change it as soon as possible because this may cause disease in your pigeons.
  • Nesting. Pigeons should have a cup-shaped area to nest in. This will help keep eggs from rolling out.  Buy some plastic bowls especially made with air vents in the bottom. If you want, you may also buy some pads to add cushion to the bird's nest.


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