How To Calm a Dog to Apply Ear Drops

Even the nicest and most obedient of dogs can have fits when you have to give them ear drops. Ear drops are good for them, but they sure don’t like it and they can give you a hard time over it. Learn how to calm a dog to apply ear drops for his sake and yours by following the useful compilation of suggestions found below:

  1. Prepare the things you will be using ahead of time: your dog’s leash, his ear medication, his favorite toy, a gauze muzzle (if you think he might bite you if you so much as attempt to use the ear drops on him), a large towel or blanket, cotton balls and some dog treats. Hide his ear drops from him first, but make sure that they (as well as his dog treats) are within arm’s reach when you absolutely have to give him his ear medication. Open the ear drops so he doesn’t have to see you open it later and further upset him.
  2. Prepare the place where you can best put him at ease and give him his ear drops.  Pick a room that’s well-lighted, that does not have distractions like strong smells and overly loud noises. Pick a nice spot where you can comfortably sit your dog.
  3. Put your dog on a leash to make it easier for you to control him later. This works for big and small dogs.
  4. Casually get your dog to go with you to the designated room. Pet and talk to him in soothing tones. If you have a small dog, place him on your lap or a sturdy table or countertop, wrapping his body in a blanket or towel. Only his head should be exposed. If you own a big dog, sit him down comfortably between your legs.
  5. For both big and small dog owners, put on his gauze muzzle to restrain him from biting you where necessary.
  6. If you have a capable helper to provide you some assistance in restraining your dog—all the better.
  7. Free your dog’s ear canal from dirt using a cotton ball, not Q-tips. Inserting a cotton swab into your dog’s ear canal will only upset him more.
  8. With one arm, hold your dog down. Hold down his legs and firmly but gently keep your pet’s head down. Continue talking in low, soft and soothing tones so as not to upset him.
  9. With your free hand, pull back the flap of his ears or tuck his ears under your arm if your dog has long ears. Put the ear dropper just a little into his ear canal, careful not to insert it far into his ear canal. Apply the correct dosage of his ear medication using the dropper.
  10. Do not forget to soothe you dog afterwards.  Reward him with a tasty treat or some play time with you.

Learning how to calm a dog to apply eardrops will be beneficial for you and your dog. Being able to administer his ear medication by yourself will save you a trip to the vet and save money.


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