How To Care for a Chow

Chow Chows commonly called Chows are incredible pets to own. They are large, furry dogs that make incredible companions and instinctive watch dogs. Caring for your Chow is extensive and must begin when they are puppies.  Care of your Chow will include (but is not limited to); grooming, feeding, bathing, socializing and training.

Grooming your Chow is an essential part of care that requires the proper equipment.  Their hair is long and thick and the best tools to use are a steel, wide-toothed comb also called a rake comb and a pin brush.

Grooming should be done twice a week.  Increase during whelping because Chows do shed more hair during this time.  Remember to keep the nails trimmed.

To maintain proper health consistent feedings one to two times a day is important.  Chows cannot eat a lot of meat; it is detrimental to them so you should make sure to give them other sources of protein such as eggs and cottage cheese. Rice is excellent for their digestive tracts and with minimal amounts of meat will keep them in great shape.

Never forget the water, no matter what breed of dog, ensure that you have always have fresh water available for them.

Bathing should only be done two to three times a year. The skin can lose necessary natural oils and lead to skin problems if they are over-bathed.

As a Chow owner you will have to establish the “alpha” role as soon as possible.  Alpha means being the most dominant individual of your group. Dogs run in packs and if you allow your Chow to assume the “alpha” role you can end up with an aggressive pet that dictates to you and your family.

Be persistent with your training and you will end up with the greatest guard dog and companion. If you allow the Chow to assume control you will have a hard time with obedience training.

Socializing your Chow is a key part of its care. Start socialization while they are puppies with other dogs as well as human beings.  Socialization and training go hand in hand with each other.  Alpha Chows are instinctively domineering towards humans and other dogs if they are not properly socialized early.

Caring for your Chow will be a demanding job, but you will reap tremendous benefits from this stoic watchdog.  Prepare yourself for a genuine family companion that you will love and appreciate.


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