How To Care for a Dalmatian

The Dalmatian quickly rose in popularity after children's movies were made based around them. This also led to a lot of irresponsible breeding and owners. They are said to originate from Croatia, although exactly how the breed came about is unknown. Dalmatians are a very energetic and happy-go-lucky breed of dog, they sometimes need some extra care to keep them happy. Here are some tips to help you learn how to care for a Dalmatian.

This breed of dog is very active. When learning the proper techniques in caring for a Dalmatian it is very important to keep this in mind. They make a wonderful companion, but they need a lot of space to run around and exercise. They need an at least medium-sized yard and should not be kept as an apartment pet unless they can be frequently taken for walks and runs on a leash. The younger dogs in this breed need even more exercise, as they are more energetic than the older ones.

To care for a Dalmatian it needs lots of human companionship and quite a bit of leadership as well. The owner must show dominance and let the dog know who's boss. If a Dalmatian senses their owner is meek or passive, they will take advantage of that. Aside from that they are very loving and loyal dogs that care about their owners and make wonderful watchdogs. To properly care for your Dalmatian it must be provided with firm and consistent training.

Caring for a Dalmatian can sometimes be a bit difficult. They have a predisposition for certain health problems, mainly deafness and urinary tract problems. Dalmatian puppies will need to be tested for deafness at around six weeks of age, and if they are deaf they will need to be spayed or neutered to prevent it from being carried on genetically in other puppies. Also realize that a deaf Dalmatian will be more difficult to care for because they are harder to train. As far as caring for a Dalmatian that has urinary tract problems, vets usually recommend a low protein diet, and it is usually a good idea for older Dalmatians to be put on a calcium supplement.

Proper grooming is a very important aspect of caring for a Dalmatian. Although they don't require frequent bathing, they will still need to be bathed on occasion, usually around once or twice a month or just when needed. They blow coat (shed profusely) twice a year, but also shed consistently year round. This requires frequent brushing to keep up with it.

To properly care for a Dalmatian it should not be left out in the cold without shelter. It has a very short coat and could get sick or even die. It is a good idea to at least provide the dog with a doghouse or shed to stay in on cold nights.

Always remember the basics of caring for any dog when caring for a Dalmatian, which are providing it with the right type of nutritionally complete dog food and fresh water daily. Also make sure you take your pet to the vet regularly and in emergency situations. I hope that this article has served it's purpose and provided you with information on how to care for your Dalmatian, to provide you and your friend with many happy healthy years to come.


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