How To Care for a Deaf Dog

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If you are one of the kind-hearted owners of a hearing-impaired dog, you need to read the steps below. Caring for a deaf dog requires a lot of patience and attention to detail in order to give your pooch the quality of life he deserves. Follow the steps below in order to maintain the comfort and safety of your special needs dog.

Step 1

Prepare your yard. To keep your hearing impaired dog safe, it’s a good idea to fence in your yard. Obviously, having him roam free will prove to be difficult because he won’t be able to respond to hearing his name called.

Step 2

Find a common language. Whether you and your pet have hand signals that you’ve created, or you use signs from American Sign Language, you need to find a common form of communication with your pup. Teach him a few signs at a time and you will be “talking” in no time.

Step 3

Use your body. Your body language will be very important to your dog as he will be unable to hear the tone of your voice. If you are greeting him the morning, you should have a spring in your step. If you want him to come inside the house, your presence should be commanding and authoritative.

Step 4

Get educated. Talk to your vet and the pet store to see if there are any local resources for owners of deaf pets. Purchase books that will teach you signs to use with your dog and be sure to educate other members of your family on the unique needs of your pet. It’s especially important for you to educate children in the family, as they may be initially confused about your dog’s impairment.

Step 5

Encourage his other senses. Dogs with a hearing impairment will come to rely on his other senses to make up for the loss of hearing. Dogs will rely heavily on their sense of smell. Encourage the use of this sense by playing tracking games in the home and yard.

Step 6

Use a gentle touch. In order not to startle your deaf pooch, make it a point to touch him gently whenever you approach him. You can even flicker a light as you enter a room to make him aware of your presence.

Step 7

Get outside advice. Seek the help of any obedience trainers in your area that have experience training deaf dogs.

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