How To Care for a Dying Dog

Losing a dog is as difficult as losing a friend or a family member. Oftentimes, we take care of this pet for a period of time and that it has really been a part of the family. Unfortunately, the dog has shorter lifespan and the only thing we can do is to give our best care during the last moments of its life.

Facing the fact that a dog’s life is about to end is not easy. Here are some ways to take care of a dying dog:

  • As the dog reaches its final hours, it is important to show our affection by giving it plenty of our attention. Give the dog something soft where it can lay down inside the house. Don’t let the dog feel and be alone in its final moments. Prepare a comfortable bed where the family can spend time with it. The sound of your voice as you play with the dog will give comfort to it. Let it relax by striking its fur.
  • If you notice that the dog is not comfortable, a pet painkiller will surely help. Ask your vet for prescription and dosage that varies with the dog’s weight and breed. And if your canine is under medications, make sure to administer them at the prescribed times.
  • Treat your dog with its favorite foods. Most dogs love foods rich in protein like liver and egg that can be combined to their dog food. When the dog is about to die, it usually loses its appetite so give it with whatever it wants to eat. Sometimes, the dog can also suffer from indigestion and difficulty in chewing. It will be helpful to give it soft foods such as canned dog foods that are easy to chew and digest. You can also ask the veterinarian for special menus that will give the dying dog extra nutrition. Use a spoon or dropper, whichever is applicable, when the dog can hardly eat in its bowl.
  • A dying dog can hardly control its bowels. To deal with this problem, place a waterproof pad in its bed so that you can easily remove the stool. Also, you may be required to buy the dog some canine diapers so that it does not scatter its stool.
  • Even when the dog is already dying, it is still important to attend to its open wounds. This will alleviate its pains especially that it is susceptible to sores and injuries. Apply first aid treatments to it.
  • It is also important to keep the dog hydrated to help give it comfort. You may need a dropper or fluid injection if the dog cannot afford to drink by itself. Water and fluid injection will give the dog its needed electrolytes for additional energy.

Most importantly, you should understand that everything would come to an end even your favorite pet’s life. No matter how much care you pamper your pet, it will not stop the time when you have to say goodbye. Treatments and medications can only extend the dog’s life for a while but if this life will just have a poor quality, better let go and give the dog a peaceful rest.


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