How To Care for a Greyhound

Chances Are You’re Bringing an Ex-Racing Dog into Your Family

If you’ve adopted a Greyhound, chances are you’re bringing an ex-racing dog into your home. Good for you! There are so many retired Greyhounds in need of homes and you deserve to be congratulated for taking him in. Because of the life your Greyhound used to lead, he might have a hard time adjusting to life as a family pet. If you are able to set expectations with your Greyhound, establish a routine quickly and exhibit patience, you and your Greyhound will become great companions. The steps below will help you prepare for and care for your Greyhound.

Step 1

Get informed. Caring for your Greyhound will be a continuous learning experience and you’ll need a good reference manual. If possible, get in touch with other Greyhound owners or keep in touch with the rescue group where you adopted your Greyhound.

Step 2

Prepare your home for your Greyhound’s arrival. Until he is potty trained you will want to corral him in a place in the home. If you prefer, you can purchase a crate or set up gates to keep him confined to a space of your choosing.  Keep in mind that this will be a temporary situation. Once your dog learns the routine and earns your trust, you will no longer require this set up.

Step 3

Purchase the needed supplies. Because your Greyhound does not have a lot of body fat, you will need to purchase a thick dog bed. If you live in a cold climate you will also need a few sweaters to keep your dog warm. Purchase an identification collar, leash, dog bowls, dog toys and grooming tools including a toothbrush.

Step 4

Invest the time. Your Greyhound might have a difficult time making the transition to your home; plan to spend a lot of time with him, especially in the beginning. Using a leash, walk him around the house to introduce him to new objects and make a note of anything that scares him. When you notice he feels uncomfortable, take the time to familiarize him with the object.

Step 5

Enroll in obedience classes. Your Greyhound is used to a routine and used to being disciplined. He will thrive with a master who is not afraid to be the leader of the pack. You will find that although traditional commands might be new to your Greyhound, he will be easily trained.

Step 6

Plan to exercise daily. Keep your Greyhound on a leash and take him out for walks at least once a day. Teach him how to play games such as fetch too.

Step 7

Feed him well. Your Greyhound needs a high quality diet that includes a dry food with meat as the first ingredient. Your Greyhound should eat twice a day, in the morning and evening. He might have a small appetite at first so just pick up what he doesn’t eat within 30 minutes, but continue to offer him meals twice a day.

You’ve adopted a unique animal and with the right preparations, he will adapt quickly to the life you’re making together.

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