How To Care for a Horse in a Stable

If for some reason you must keep a horse up in a stall, there are several things you will need to do differently than if they are kept in a pasture field. Caring for a horse in a stable takes a little extra work and time than caring for one out on pasture.

  1. The first thing is to make certain they have clean, fresh bedding as often as possible. Remove any feces from the stall in between cleanings. If there are any spots that are extremely wet, remove the spots and the bedding and add new bedding to that spot.
  2. Next you always want to make certain you feed a horse kept in a stable less feed than if they are kept on pasture. Since they will have limited movement, they will not be able to burn the feed as fast as if they were out in the open. So simply cut their food down or cut feedings down to just once a day. Now, if the horse is going to be taken out and worked daily, the decrease of feed may not need to be so drastic.
  3. Since the horse is not going to be on pasture, always make certain you give them hay. Again, you may want to cut down the portions of hay also. However, cut down more on the feed than hay for a horse in a stable.
  4. When caring for a horse in a stable you have to make sure the horse has plenty of water to last until the next watering time. The best way to do this is to buy some hooks, put a rubber bucket (preferably five gallon) on the hook; then fill them with water. If you cannot do that then you need to find a way to tie a bucket to a post so the horse will not spill the water.
  5. Horses, just like people, need exercise daily. Or if you cannot do it daily, exercising them every other day will work. Simply turn them out into a small paddock or tie him to a hot walker for about an hour or so a day if you do not have time to longe him.

Thus, caring for a horse in a stable is a little more time consuming, but you must do what is necessary for the horse. If you just follow a few simple steps, caring for a horse in a stable does not have to be a difficult task.


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