How To Care for a Japanese Chin

A Japanese Chin is a toy dog that is treasured by the Japanese royalty. It is also called the Japanese Spaniel and is very affectionate and beautiful with its long silky coat and curled tail.

Any dog, if properly cared for, will look clean, proud and beautiful. This cute, cuddly dog does not require too much exercise though, unlike other dogs that are active and very playful. Its coat is easy to maintain. Most of the time, dogs like these are quiet and only bark when something out of ordinary happens, like a stranger passing by. But generally, a Japanese Chin likes being with people and enjoys the attention. Read on to find out how easy it is to have a Japanese chin.

  • Feed the Japanese chin with the right food. The type of food that a dog eats affects its coat. An all-natural dog food which has high vegetable content is good enough. Aside from dog food, it will also be best for the Japanese chin to eat meals that consist pork, rice, greens and fish.   
  • Observe your dog's personal grooming. Brush the coat regularly. By regularly, meaning twice a week. A Japanese Chin does not have to go to the salon just to have a luxurious coat. Bathing once a month is good enough, preferably with an herbal shampoo. You can blow dry the fur after bathing so the dog will not catch cold. It has no undercoat so blow drying will be easy. Set the blow dryer to low. Do not freak out when you see that they shed fur, it is normal with such breed. But you can apply Emu oil in your dog's food. The dog food should be dry, not the wet kind, if you plan to add Emu oil to it. This oil strengthens the hair, making it shed less. You can also dry clean your dog with a wet towel if you do not want to bathe it. After drying, prevent tangles by applying conditioning oil. Tooth brushing should be done once a month while trimming the nails is every two weeks. 
  • Walk the dog. Make it short and an everyday routine. This little dog enjoys being with the owner most of the time and this is one of those times. In addition, a Japanese Chin is happy with this simple exercise. There is no need for too much activity at all, but you can include the usual play, like rolling and running.      
  • Give him toys to play with. A Japanese chin appreciates toys that do not fall apart when chewed. Not every dog likes big toys. This one prefers toys that are not too big. You can always buy a simple plush toy and your chin will be happy with it.
  • Treat eye ulcerations immediately. Because of its large eyes, a Japanese chin always scratches its eyes accidentally. This can result to eye ulcerations. Apply canine antibacterial immediately to the affected part to prevent it from worsening.

Just like any other dog, a Japanese chin enjoys being cuddled. It knows how to return affection once the relationship has been established. So keep your Japanese chin well-cared for and you will have the sweetest and cutest dog companion. 


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