How To Care for a Koi Pond

OK, you have done it, you have created a koi pond in your backyard, now how do you care for it? This is a point to consider once you have established your pond. You have spent a moderate amount of money to establish your koi pond so you should maintain it appropriately.

One of the interesting things you can do to care for your koi pond and to improve its maintenance is to buy a fogger. The fogger will help to create special effects in your pond by ionizing the water. It will also help to keep your water clean.  You can add LED lights for special effects. It can be had for a modest investment. Another good investment is a waterfall. Waterfalls do help with the aeration of your pond and they are also lovely to look at. A waterfall can be built into your pond.

Maintenance wise, you can use a pond vacuum to clean up all of the major spills in your koi pond. The less time you spend cleaning your pond the more time you will spend enjoying it. There are no shortage of experts around to help you. Another thing essential to have with your koi pond is a pond filtration system. These systems make your pond clean and keep it clean. For advice on the system, you can consult professionals who will help you decide on the filtration system to meet the needs of your ponds ecosystem.


Another thing is to not to overfeed the koi in your pond. Overfeeding koi can lead to a build up of ammonia nitrate. This build up of nitrate causes the water to become toxic and your fish to die.

Be aware of fish diseases when you first buy your koi  and that your filters work effectively to make sure your fish do not become ill from problems.  Be alert to the presence of toxins; namely, bacteria, fungus and parasites. A common problem with koi is koi pox and fungal disease. You need to be alert to symptoms and treatments. Pond ailments are  something to be aware of; problems like blanket weed, which is excessive algae growth, and green water are problems which can be treated by proper filtration.

Once you learn to care for your koi pond, you will enjoy it without worrying too much about maintenance. There are groups on the web that  will help you learn about koi ponds and their sustenance.


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